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Prizes for Annual Meeting and Proxy voters

Update Topics

Update Topics

The Haida Corporation has had a very busy year. With new leadership and an outstanding staff, we have many new and exciting projects to share with this update.

We will be posting more shareholder forms on the website. This now includes the paperwork you need to fill out for direct deposit. Our distributions will now have that option for shareholders. If you have questions concerning paperwork, or your shares, please contact the office. Our new Shareholder Records Manager, Margaret Peele, will be happy to help you.

Further, in our ongoing effort to provide our shareholders with current information on your Corporation, we will be hosting Shareholder get togethers. Our final shareholder get together that we will hold before this year's Annual Meeting will be held in Anchorage at the Nuka Building Tribal Drum Meeting Room. It is located at 4085 Tudor Centre Drive, Anchorage.  The time is from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Door prizes, food, and beverages will be provided. Please join us. 

Haida Corporation is pleased to announce that the project is moving forward. The completion date has been pushed back a bit, but will be completed with some design updates for a more efficient operation of the plant.

The Hiilangaay Hydroelectric Project is a longtime multi-million dollar hydroelectric project that will provide renewable energy for Prince of Wales Island. Further, the income generated from this venture will benefit Shareholders in both increased dividends and by diversification of Haida Corporation investments beyond timber extraction.

Shareholders are asked to vote your approval on both resolutions.  A yes vote would allow the Hiilangaay Hydroelectric Project to complete and begin service for Prince of Wales. Read more about the Resolutions and project, click here...

Haida Corporation has completed the audits of the 2018 financial statements which includes audit of the Shareholder Trust and Elder Trust financial statements.  The financial statements are mailed to each shareholder with the Notice of Annual Meeting and proxy form.

The Haida Corporation board of directors reviewed the 2019 second quarter report, and evaluated the performance of TIAA, the financial managers for our Trusts and funds.  The outstanding performance of our portfolio provided the board assurance that fiduciary responsibility of evaluation and review of the Shareholder and Elder Trust assets was met.  Our Haida Shareholder Trust investment account has increased significantly over the last three years and our Trust continues to grow. We will continue to monitor our investments i order to achieve the best returns on our funds.

Annual Shareholder Update

Important!! Hiilangaay  Hydroelectric Pant Update

Be sure to vote this year and qualify for these outstanding voter prizes:

Early Bird Prizes

  • $1,500.00

  • $1,000.00

  • 15 - $100.00 Prizes       $1,500.00 total

* Early Bird Prizes are for shareholders who vote by Proxy. Your proxy must be received by the Inspector of Elections or Haida Corporation by Thursday, September 19th, at 5 PM.

All Included Prizes

Any Shareholder that votes by Proxy or at the Annual Meeting qualifies for the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize                 $2,500.00             

  • First Prize                    $1,000.00

  • Second Prize               $   500.00

  • Third Prize                   $   300.00

Prizes for Annual Meeting Attendees

  • 22 - $100 Prizes            $2,200.00 total

  • Visa Gift Card x 2          $600.00 total

We will be having some additional prizes to award via scratch off cards: tee shirts, coffee cups, etc. Prizes will be awarded before and during the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on September 21, 2019.

Cape Fox Lodge will have reduced room rates for Haida Corporation shareholders. Be sure to let them know that you are a shareholder when you register. Stay tuned for more updates for the Annual Meeting.

Want to qualify for all prizes? Be an  Early Bird, fill out your Proxy and attend the meeting!
September 21, 2019
Cape Fox Lodge
Ketchikan, Alaska