Haida Corporation Values

Value: Economic Foundation

We seek to collaboratively build a sustainable and diversified economic foundation, which protects and grows the resources of the Haida Corporation and its shareholders, while securing the Corporation so it is even stronger in the future.

Value: Stewardship

The Haida Corporation draws its culture and business values from the Haida People and homelands in the forests and on the waters. Now working in a world-wide economy, the Haida Corporation seeks to use natural resources in accordance with the values of its ancestors.

Value: Corporate Accountability

The Haida Corporation continually works to enhance its corporate function, including establishing policy, accounting and management functions that protect the corporate assets and support the success of the corporation, resulting in Haida Corporation earning good corporate reputation.

Value: Cultural Accountability

While most corporations focus only on making profits, the Haida Corporation is rooted in Haida cultural values, and is led by a Haida board of directors, which has a deep commitment to operating according to culturally-based principles, policies and procedures.

Value: Shareholder Services

The Haida Corporation seeks to provide shareholders opportunities through employment, corporate board service and the management of corporate resources for long-term profitability.

Value: Honoring our ancestors, we plan for the future

The Haida Corporation plans for a future in which it will have a diversified, successful portfolio that brings benefit to the next generation of shareholders, and the generations that follow.

HAIDA Corporation