Haida Corporation 2013 IRS Form 8937

​Dear Haida Corporation Shareholder:

Attached below is IRS Form 8937, Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis in Securities, for Haida Corporation for the 2013 tax year.  Form 8937 is required to report that Haida’s 2013 nontaxable distributions reduce the tax basis of the shareholders’ shares.As an alternative to mailing the report to the IRS and sending a copy of the report to every shareholder, Haida Corporation is posting the completed, signed and readily accessible format to our primary public website and/or the primary website of any successor organization for 10 years.  

​Our auditors, Sullivan and Peterson prepared Form 8937 on the basis of the preliminary trial balance provided for Haida Corporation as well as on 2013 investment information received from the brokerage companies.  On the basis of this information, they calculated that Haida Corporation would not have current or accumulated earnings & profits for the 2013 tax year.  Since the information is preliminary and unaudited, until the next audit is prepared, it is possible that such information could change which could change the conclusion that the distributions were nontaxable.

Shareholder Returned Mail

These Shareholders newsletters have been returned to the Haida Corporation office. If you have recently moved please update your address with the Haida Corporation office (907) 285-3721 or through the website  http://haidacorporation.com/Shareholder_Services.html

  •  John G. Oneil

  • Fredrick G. Haldane

  • Jonathan G. Welty

  • Norman A. Olson

  • Michael P. George

  • Leif E. Edwardsen

  • Robert A. Skultka

  • Constance V. Cox 

  • Marcus C. Nathan

  • Susan Lee Pickrell

  • Wallace F. Scott 

  • Chris Thompson

  • Mark P. Elie

  • Mellissa Davis

  • James  Garner

  • Garrick D. Morrison

  • Destiny D.Charles

  • Cynthia R. Johnson

  • Cynthia A. Kandow

  • Michael P. Wallace

  • Patricia C. Lockhart

  • Rebecca J. Nelson

  • Christine L. Kennedy

  • Randall Harold Dilts

  • Steven E. Dilts Jr.

  • Lloyd M. Yeltatzie

  • Samantha L. Yeltatzie

  • Stephanie V. Ravana

  • Shawna L.Kradenpoth

  • Sandra A. Williams


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