HAIDA Corporation

HAIDA Corporation

United Front

The United Front is a volunteer organization in Hydaburg, Alaska which consists of two elected representatives from each local organization in Hydaburg who's major focus is tc collaborate to create sustainable economic development opportunities and to protect Haida land.

The Haida Corporation, the City of Hydaburg, the Hydaburg Cooperative Association (Tribe), the Xaadas Kil Kuyaas Foundation and the Hydaburg City School have each selected representatives to meet at the quarterly meetings in Hydaburg.

The United Front began over ten years ago with an idea by then Chair Vincent Jameson to bring the corporation and the city to the table to discuss how to resolve land issues, specifically a land agreement called the 14(c)(3).  This year, 2018, will be the finalization of that agreement.  This is historic in terms of collaborating and demonstrating what working together to settle issues actually looks like.

The United Front developed overtime into an organization that clearly understands the benefit of working together to create opportunities.  The group gets together to check on each organizations priorities for the year, they support each others ideas and actually agree on how to best work together to realize the short and long term creation of opportunities.

Each entity rotates the responsibility of hosting the quarterly meetings.  Haida Corporations representatives are Becky Frank and Lisa Lang.  As Haida's we realize we are stronger when we work together.  United we are unstoppable in our goals to continue building an economy we can all be proud of.  Today the major goal of the United Front is to support infrastructure for our communities number one goal which is cultural tourism.